- Herbal Shisha and Hookah Flavours Melbourne, Australia
Tuah Trading Limited Company.

Tuah Herbal was established in 2011, Made in Malaysia is an industry leader in manufacturing and producing the finest organic Herbal Flavors

 Our Range is made of 100% Natural
Components & Flavours. 

A Local Taste Of Sensation
Tuah Herbal Trading Limitted offers a wide range and variety of 100% Herbal Flavouring's.

All our ingredients are locally sourced and suplied by Malaysia's Agriculture Industry.

  Focusing on the balance of natural and organic elements making
Tual Herbal, The Beauty of Blends.

Many believe that sugar cane fiber, known as bagasse helps sugar mills to
meet 100% of their energy needs. ... Energy from bagasse
generates less greenhouse gas emissionsthan conventional fossil-fuel generation.

'Experince the difference with Tuah Herbal'

Discover Our Collection
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Tuah Herbal, offer a wide range of Herbal Flavour's; Fruity Flavour's, Mint Flavour's & Tropical Flavour's.Producing only the finest flavoured vapor and steam. Our Herbal is exactly the way to get the flavour satisfaction you've been looking for.

100% Natural Herbal Flavouring's.


Tuah Trading Pty Ltd.
ABN :  79 618 717 454

Full Name
“ Organics & Herbals say
Hello to Tuah Herbal,
Malaysia Favourite
Herbal Flavours.”