- Herbal Shisha and Hookah Flavours Melbourne, Australia
Tuah Trading Limited Company.

Tuah Herbal was established in 2011, Made in Malaysia is an industry leader in manufacturing and producing the finest organic Herbal Flavors

 Our Range is made of 100% Natural
Components & Flavours. 

Herbal Flavours For Hookah And Shisha In Melbourne
Welcome to Tuah Trading Limited Company – your destination for herbal shisha flavours in Melbourne.

We supply 100% natural flavours and components to the hookah shops in Melbourne. Regardless of you are an individual customer or a shisha lounge, we provide the finest organic, herbal flavours in Australia.

At Tuah Herbal, you can choose an excellent range of herbal flavours for hookah and shisha. All our ingredients are sourced and supplied by the agriculture industry of Malaysia. Note that a large number of shisha shops in Malaysia consider our range of flavours as their primary choice.

We are particular to deliver high-quality herbal flavours that can enhance the hookah experience of our customers.

Our natural and organic flavours do not cause harm to your health and offer a perfect Shisha adventure.

Experience the difference and taste the health with Tuah Herbal.

Discover Our Collection
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Are you searching for the most divine hookah flavours on the market that can be a healthy alternative to your cigarettes? Do you have a shisha lounge and want to give refreshing inhalation experience to your customers?

At Tuah Herbal, we have an excellent range of herbal flavours you can choose. It includes mint flavours, fruity flavours, and tropical flavours. By producing the finest flavoured steam and vapour, our herbal products can greatly satisfy your senses.

Explore our range of herbal flavours and choose the product that can give you an advanced inhaling experience.

Have questions on our range of flavours? Call us today on (61) 4313 79161 with your queries. You can contact us with your questions using our online form.


ABN :  79 618 717 454

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